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Homework Help: Centroids Simplifying by symmetry

  1. Sep 29, 2009 #1
    If you have a 3d shape how do you simplify the problem using symmetry.

    eg with a sphere is symmetric along any axis therefore the centroid must be in the middle of it

    eg2 A cone sitting on the xy plane, where the pointy bit is points up the z axis.
    -nb it is sitting on point (0,0,0) where the circular crossection lines on the xy plane at z = 0
    with a centre at (0,0)

    you can intuitively see that the centroid must have an x coordinate of 0 and a y coordinate of 0 and there some random number for the z coordinate.

    where my understanding of symmetry is if a shape can be rotated about an axis and look the same then it is symmetric... this many not the be official definition though

    it seems to me that if a shape is symmetric across an axis, only a distance along that axis will need to be calculated to get the centroid. Is this right?
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    Hi SpartanG345! :wink:
    It's good enough! :smile:
    ("symmetric about an axis")

    Yup, that's completely right! :biggrin:
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