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Ceramic can become a superconductor

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    "ceramic" can become a superconductor

    State why some insulatores such "ceramic " can become a superconductor when cooled to a temprature of 0 K. :confused:
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    They are not cooled to a temperature of 0 K , they are cooled to a temerature close to 0 K.
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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-temperature_superconductivity" [Broken], can become superconducting at temperatures which are significantly higher than 0 K.

    The http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/Hbase/solids/bcs.html" [Broken] explains superconductivity in Type I superconductors.
    "What causes high-temperature superconductivity?" is an open question in physics, isn't it?
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    Yes it is. Besides, the wording of the OP's question makes it sound like homework (and this isn't the first time either).
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    Superconducting is not synonymous of perfect conducting. Another phenomenological condition is Meissner effect, that isn't understood by thinkinking of a perfect conductivity. There are normal conductors without a superconductive behaviour. Nevertheless, lead is a low level conductor, but superconductor if cooled down.
    HTSC materials retain nowadays their peculiar "strangeness".
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    another interesting phenomena is the giant proximity effect that occurs when a superconducting material comes into contact with a normal conducting, My dissertation which has been posted on this forum was based on this phenomena Theoretical investigation into the proximity effect in high Tc Superconductors. I have to say it is perhaps one of the most interesting subject I have ever done in physics. I suppose a great break through in superconductivity would be if we can increase the coherence length of the proximity effect.
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    Well by definition, when certain elements are cooled down to a very low temperature often a few degrees above 0K which is charateristic to that particular element, show a remarkable property that they lose all trace of electrical resistance.

    Also, one interesting general property of superconductors is that, materials which are good conductors at ordinary temperatures are not superconductors and superconducting materials are not good conductors at room temperatures.
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