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Challenging projectile question

  1. Aug 8, 2007 #1
    Hi everyone!
    im having trouble doing a question on projectile motion, and i came across this website thought id give it a go :smile:, see what you guys think...

    a bomb is dropped from a plane travelling at velocity r0, the trajectory of the plane is completely horizontal at the moment that it is dropped. Derive an equation for the horizontal distance d at which he needs to drop the bomb in terms of the planes velocity r0 and altitude h

    here is a diagram:
    http://www.photodump.org/stored16/plane.bmp [Broken]

    at first i thought to use s=ut+.5at^2 and resolve it into x and y components but i keep on getting stuck due to the lack of a t value, any help is greatly appreciated in advance
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    You can use that equation to work out 't' hint you know what 'a' is.
    Then in the forward direction there is no 'a' (ignoring air resistance) so you need one of the other equations.

    Nice drawing by the way!
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