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Change in orbit due to moment of inertia change?

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    So recently I read about the massive 3 gorges dam changing the mass moment of inertia of the Earth to such an extent that the days will now be 60ns longer.

    Then I thought, how will this effect the orbit of the Earth about the Sun?

    Any thoughts?
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    Wow! A whole 60 ns longer each day! Man, I can catch some additional zzzs every morning!

    I wouldn't worry about any orbital changes w.r.t. the earth's movement about the sun.

    BTW, in 60 ns, a beam of light travels about 18 meters.

    It would also take over 160 million years to add an additional HOUR to each day.
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    D H

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    It won't. It hasn't changed the Earth's mass one iota, nor has it changed the distance between the Earth's center of mass and the Sun.
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    what about tidal locking effects between the earth and the sun? I guess it is negligibly small, since the size of the earth and sun is very small compared to the distance between them.
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