Charge Inside A Non-Conductive Charged Spherical or Cylindrical Shell

  1. Hey Guys, I wanted to clarify something I'm not too sure about.

    The charge inside (in the center not actually in the shell) of a charged non-conductive spherical or cylindrical shell is zero, am I wrong? The reason being the geometry within the shell cancels all the charges within.

    Any help appreciated, thanks.
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  3. Yup...and it is not necessarily in the center; it could be anywhere in the hollow region.
  4. Sounds good, thats what I imagined.
  5. Though I'm not so sure about the entire hollow region for the cylinder, but it is at least for the center of the cylinder. I'm also charge, were you considering the force/electric field?
  6. I was considering the electric field.

    And if you consider the cylinder to be of infinite length then the electric field should be 0 at any point within the hollow region of the cylinder.
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