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Cheaply building a 3 wheeler

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    Electric car, it has to have a 50 mile range before recharge, carry two people with room for cargo (shopping), be a home garage project, i have been looking round and think the WarP motor and Zilla controller are a good drive system run on 72 volts.
    Would a fiber glass monocoque with molded in metal (hard points) for suspension mounting
    be robust enough, the top speed needs to be about 50 mph, acceleration needs fit with modern traffic.


    WarP motor.


    Zilla conroller.
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    The 3 main design considerations that will be powerful drivers in the cost of an electric car are the batteries (in both weight and cost), the motor (based on how heavy the car is, see batteries), and range/cruising speed.

    In my opinion, "cheap" and medium to long-range EV's don't mix very well...
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