Checking understanding on factors affecting thermal equilibrium

Ok, so I got this question that is about factors affecting the thermal equilibrium of an object when heated when factors are altered.
Basically, the setup is that the object is heated (Maybe a glass of water heated) and we are supposed to find out what factors affect the eqm temp of the object.
So I got a list of factors (But not sure of explaining them!!!):

1)Specific Heat Capacity of Object
2)Mass of object
3)Rate of heat supplied
4)Surrounding temperature
5)Color of object
6)Material of object
7)Wind velocity of surroundings
8)Larger exposed surface area

I listed them down but im not sure on how to explain their effect on thermal equilibrium of an object which is being heated. Ok, so for

1)The higher the shc of object, the.... (not sure how to explain)
2)Same as above
3)Higher the rate of heat supplied, the higher the eqm temp as a higher temperature needs to be reached to increase the temperature difference btw surrounding and object, so that heat loss=heat gain. (Is this correct, or confusing)
4)Larger diff, the ..... (how to explain)
5)Darker Color-->More heat radiated-->Lower eqm temp?
6)Material with higher thermal conductivity-->Lose heat more easily-->Lower eqm temp?
7)Increase in wind velocity-->increase temp diff grad-->Lower eqm temp?
8)Larger exposed S.A. -->More heat loss-->Lower eqm temp?

Im not really good at explaining. Please help me with my queries.

Thank you all so much for your time.
Please help explain and elaborate on the points. Im not very good conceptually and need help. Thanks a lot.
Help anyone? Need it for a class later.

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