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Chemically resistant sealing options

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    Does anyone have any experience with FFKM sealing solutions? I am looking for rubber seals to be used in the chemical processing industry and would need material that has high chemical resistant properties.

    I've done some research online and found something called TRPlast which has a similar chemical resistance to PTFE so this could work, but before I rushed into making commitments, I thought it couldn't hurt to seek out a second opinion.

    Is FFKM the best option for chemical processing or should I continue to shop around?

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    There is not a best option for *all* chemicals and *all* temperatures/pressures. Which chemicals are you trying to resist, and at what temperature/pressure?

    Specifying Chemical resistance or chemical processing is vague. Liquid chlorine, sulphur gas, sulfuric acid, plasticizers, and ethylene oxide are all chemicals, but their elastomer specs can vary, especially when cost/temperature are concerned.
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    What Chemair said.
    Additionally: Once you decide on a material (FFKM, for example), you have the added concern of the specific formulation. FFKM with a carbon filler is absolutely unsuitable for some applications where FFKM with a 'mineral' filler performs beautifully. It's definitely an area where learning from the mistakes/successes of others is wise. Pioneering is expensive.
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    Use silly putty
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    Javier Lopez

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    These materials above are belonging to family of fluoropolymer elastomers. It is on the high end of performance, although in your case temperature performance is possibly redundant while durability against mechanical stress may be problematic. For lower operating temperatures (below 150C typically) silicone (PDMS) based sealing parts are cheaper and more durable. Silicones have chemical resistance similar to fluoropolymers.
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