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Chemistry vs Biology vs Computing for Electrical engineering?

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    I have to decide on what subjects I want to continue on for A level and was just wondering what I should pick as my last slot.

    I want to do Electrical Engineering at uni when I leave school. I'm really interested in either really big applications of EE like large HV plant stuff but also I'm fascinated by integrated circuit chips and memory chips.

    So I want to keep my knowledge base relevant for EE but maybe a bit wider and broaching onto related disciplines.

    I've already got down on my form - which I have 4 choices for.

    Maths and Further maths - only takes up one choice but counts for 2 A levels and is pretty much essential if I wanted to go to a top level uni or study engineering over here.

    Physics -again another pre - requisite for engineering in general.

    Technology and Design - relevant because it covers electronics and other "technical" stuff

    AND then for my 4th choice I've left - well from the subjects I would and could do - Chemistry, Biology and Computing (basically like programming and computer systems etc.)

    I can see how - well apart from Biology - the subjects are relevant but has anyone who has done or is doing EE got anything to add that might help me?


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    Biology isn't that relevant if you want to do engineering. A good idea would be to do electrical engineering in school to give you at least a basic knowledge of it for uni and it might be required to do that specific course.
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    Chem and Biology would be helpful if you were interested in Bimedical applications in EE. But otherwise, the Computing option will be fun for you. If you haven't programmed much before, it can be a real eye-opener. My first programming class in college caused me to change my major from ME to EE...
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    Thank Berkeman, I'm in no way interested in ever doing anything related to biology again - I'm in the top 5% of my school for biology but I just hate learning all the definitions and diagrams that go with it.

    I understand the basics of programming and know enough of either C++ or C# to make a basic application. I think if I at a later date needed to know more, with a bit of study I could probaly get a grip of the more advanced concepts of programming.

    In computing I think they study VB or something stupid like that but I would probably give it a go - the only problem is I mightn't get a provisional offer for it as I haven't studied it before so it mightn't be an option.

    Chemistry is a subject which I'm both good at and enjoy so its more likely what I would choose.
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    It looks like Chemistry is out going by the provisional list as its in the columns I need to choose Maths and Technology out of.

    That leaves me with either, computing, biology, economics, politics or french.

    Looks like I'll probably be going for computing then.
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