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Circuits with diodes??

  1. Nov 10, 2015 #1
    • Member warned to use the formatting template for homework posts and one question per thread..

    So for #1, would I approach this problem by first considering the positive power applied to the top, making the diode on the right opened, and thus vouput being 4volts. Then for the next part would the diode on the left be in reverse bias, thus opened, and the voutput be -6volts. Would my final answer be a sine wave with magnitudes of 4volts and -6volts?

    For #2, I understand that this would be a full wave rectifier, however I'm having trouble understanding what it means by find magnitude and frequency. Wouldn't the frequency just beb 25pi?
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    Hello Roy, welcome to PF :smile: !

    Please read the guidelines to get acquainted with the culture here. Using the template is mandatory in PF (and the good spirits that watch over us will probably chastise you for not using it (*) ), and it's useful.

    For #1 you are close; the result can't be called a sine wave: positive halves have a different amplitude. But you probably mean the right thing.

    For #2 I read ##12 \cos(50\,t)## Volt as input. That doesn't give a frequency of ##25\,\pi## in my book...
    And you forgot to draw the shape of Vo(t), so I can't comment...

    (*) They may even be more agitated about the double posting. A nono !
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