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Civil engineering - carleton or Ottawa U?

  1. May 18, 2013 #1
    What university is best for civil Engineering? Carleton university or university of Ottawa?
    I have also been accepted to Co-op at both universities. So which one has a better Co-op program?
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    Carleton University, hands down. Don't even think about going to Ottawa U for engineering. Even if they offer you double.
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    Can you please give me some more information as to why carleton is better?
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    Carleton is known for two things right now. Engineering ( Expecially the aerospace program ) and Journalism. They're ranked much higher than Ottawa U academically.

    Some of the people on TSN are Carleton journalism grads ( Fun fact ).

    If you manage to get a civi degree, Carleton has a really good co-op program which will net you a stable high paying job within the city.

    Plus Carleton has the best basketball team in the country. Quote from wiki :

  6. Sep 4, 2014 #5
    Answer: Carleton U
    1. Way better Engineering social community - Trust me, you needs friends!
    OttawaU is known for its French programs.
    If you learn your engineering in french...Im sorry but it's just simply less practical than getting your Engineering degree in English
    even if you dont learn it in french, think about it.....half of the prof's first language is french.....they prefer french students!
    Most companies in this world that will hire you are NOT in Quebec or France
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