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Classes on waves, circuits, and stochastic models

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    i took calc 3 and differential equations. that was about a year ago and i vaguely remember what thats about. i'm thinking about electrical engineering and i heard from many that its math intensive. can someone tell me exactly what math is involved?

    i've been told to look into classes on waves, circuits, and stochastic models. can someone tell me the type of math involved with them as well?

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    Take a look at the math behind Maxwell's Equations, and you'll get a good feel for the E&M math end. Then look at the complex math (real+imaginary) used in filter designs and stability analysis, and look some at general matrix math used in working with systems with many simultaneous equations. Hey, math is one of the fun parts of engineering -- you finally get to do practical things and solve real-world problems using advanced math!
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    I use a lot of complex math and linear algebra for my circuits class. And I use quite a lot of differential equations for my semiconductors class.
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