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Classical mechanics changing mass

  1. Jan 19, 2015 #1
    hey there, i need your help, im a student in physics and electricity engineering, and i have a bit of a problem with the changing mass materiel, well in first look he's pretty easy but i want to learn how to create my own equations and im never getting the same result.

    so ill be glad if someone have any good material to read about this subject, and if anyone have tips, learning material for Classical mechanics course ill be glad, ill just mention this test getting like 70% F ,so any tips will be great:) thank you all' and im sorry for my lame english.:)
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    Stephen Tashi

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    What courses are you taking now?

    The phrase "changing mass materiel" is unfamiliar. Can you give an example of problem involving this?
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    For the class materials that you are talking about, if they are books then perhaps there's an English version that people here are familiar with. If it's class notes then you'll have to translate them because our forum deals strictly in English as there are many posters here from many nations contributing with English as the common ground for posts.
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    i forgot to put the link , sorry for the confusion. if i wasnt clear enough (sorry) im looking only for english materials.
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