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Clearly too much PF

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    It was bound to happen. After all the hours, the hundreds of posts and all the chat a Sunday should warrant it finally happened.

    I spent all of last night dreaming about physics forums :zzz:......:eek:

    To cut a long story short the gist of the dream was that we all had a party, but being internet people we weren't really there. Everyone just had a manikin body whose head resembled their Avatar. Evo and MIH were the only ones I remember that looked normal but you can imagine my mirth when I looked in the mirror and saw my head was a C60. The party was good though Evo proclaimed she was too drunk to ban the crackpots who kept walking around asking questions :tongue2:

    Now I'm not big on dream interpretation but clearly there's something behind this...
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    I just finished reading a book on dream interpretation so that makes me an expert in these matters. A dream about a party means that that you need to get out more. As the title of this thread shows, you already have great dream interpretation powers. Everyone make one of those mysterious ooooooh sounds. A mannequin means that you are not playing an active role. This is pretty much on account of spending too much time on PF too. Evo in a dream can mean either a ban wish, or a broken bone wish, you can tell us which one it is. MIH in a dream means you are in touch with your feminine side, but you don't tell the world about it. Mirth in a dream means you need to lighten up and seeing yourself in a mirror means you are analyzing things too much, like anaylizing dreams too much or analyzing PF threads too much, like that. The book didn't say anything about C60, but clearly it indicates that you are contemplating a sex change operation. I suggest that you stand back from that feminine side stuff for a while. Go on a hunting trip with your buddies or something instead of spending so much time on PF. Evo being unable to ban crackpots? In your dreams.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Funny but not true, I have a friend whose aunt's hairdresser once met a man who knew someone's brother that once found a book in a library that says that dreams are your soul entering another universe. You can't argue with facts like that.
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    You have issues. Please seek help.

    I think PF has a psychology section you should see.
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    I had a dream about this forum once, but it was about someone who kept posting theories on UFOs and claimed sightings (and predictions of when next sightings would be).
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    I guess you haven't been here long enough to come to one of PFs virtual New Years Evo party chats. I can't speak for everyone else that's been there, but drinking (Sherry) is always on my list. You should make your dream a reality this year.
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    Don't forget to open the window and look outside.
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