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Close Packed Planes and Slip Systems

  1. May 29, 2011 #1
    I posted this in "Materials & Chemical Engineering", but it seems a little more active here.

    I'm confused with trying to find the slip systems of a simple cubic. I understand the slip plane would be along the plane with the highest atomic density (a close packed plane). But I don't quite get how to get the slip planes for a simple cubic if the planes aren't close packed and all planes are the same.

    From what I get, a close packed plane should be tetrahedral.

    Is what I said correct or am I just totally lost :confused:
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    1. The slip plane is generally the closest-packed plane. The packing doesn't have to be perfect. (In BCC, for example, the slip plane is {110}, which isn't optimally packed.)

    2. All planes aren't the same in simple cubic. {100}, {110}, {123} are all different, for example.

    3. Isn't this kind of an academic exercise? Are there any ductile materials with a simple cubic structure?
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