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Coding Language To Sumbit Information To web Browser

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    I was wondering first off, if it is possible to write code so that you could fill out fields in a web browser so that you could automate a process. I'd like to make a script that basically goes online submits my username and password and then fills out 8 hours worked in the appropriate field everyday.

    I was just wondering if that is even possible and if so what programmig language should I use.

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    ... and why would you need a script to do this?
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    Because I'd like to know if it is possible to do. I'd like to automate the process of filling out my time card. I want to make it so that every time I turn on my work computer it logs onto the webclient and fills out 8 hours.

    I just want to know if its possible. Thanks
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    It could be illegal, questionably legal, or ethically problematic. With respect to your work's time sheet software, it could very well be against company policy and land you in more hot water then it's worth.
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    Could be true, and even if it's not a policy violation, a lot of these secure web applications jump through hoops to make this sort of thing technically difficult. But it is certainly possible, and any general-purpose programming language would provide you with the necessary tools.

    Alternatively, you might be interested in a Firefox extension called Greasemonkey (which is useful for all sorts of things besides filling out timesheets).
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    I would not like to see PF associated with an activity that could be appropriated for unethical or fraudulent use. It doesn't matter if your use or intent is perfectly innocent, PF would still be on the hook. You can see how this would put it in a very awkward position.
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