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Column space

  1. Sep 20, 2006 #1
    Here's the problem:
    given in echelon form, the column space basis is [5,0,0,0]^t, [4,2,0,0]^t
    and the question is to find another matrix A with the same echelon form but different basis....
    how do i find a different basis?

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  3. Sep 21, 2006 #2
    if I just reduce the basis like this:
    [1,0,0,0]^t and [2,1,0,0]^t would that count as a new basis with the same echelon form?
    could someone confirm please? this problem is very ambiguous to me, i can find another basis but the echelon form will change!
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    You'll have to explain the problem a little more clearly. I've only heard of (row) echelon form as regarding matrices. Are you given the matrix:

    [tex] \left[ \begin{array}{cc} 5 & 4 \\ 0 & 2 \\ 0 & 0 \\ 0 & 0 \end{array} \right] [/tex]

    which is in row echelon form, and asked to different matrix with the same row echelon form? (I don't know what you could mean by basis, other than the basis of the column space given by the columns of the matrix) This isn't a good question, as the row echelon form is not unique. If you want to find another matrix which can be put in that form by gaussian elimination, just change any of the terms on or above the diagonal (obviously not making diagonal terms zero).
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  5. Sep 21, 2006 #4
    0 5 4 3
    0 0 2 1
    0 0 0 0
    0 0 0 0
    is the matrix and yes, the basis is the basis of the col space... but when they say "the same row echelon form" doesn't it mean i cannot modify the matrix entries?
    thank you.
  6. Sep 21, 2006 #5


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    What do you mean? To get it into http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Row_echelon_form" [Broken], but that matrix isn't in that form.
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