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Commanding 2 Transistors with one one command circuit

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    Hi to all,

    I know how to command a transistor, using a comparator with a sinusoidal and a triangular signal as inputs.

    But let say I have two transistors, T1 and T2. Using the same command, I want that when T1 is ON, so T2 is OFF. vice versa. How can I achieve this?

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    One possible solution is to use T1 to invert the control signal into T2.
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    You could use an inverting op-amp to invert the control signal between the comparator and T2. If you are using a comparator as the input though, you may want to use an asycronous J-K flip flop between the comparator and the two transistors as this will not cause a propagation delay in the output of T2, thus causing the outputs of T1 and T2 change at nearly the same time.
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