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    I have a need for software that will convert a .PDF Adobe Acrobat Version 8 file to text that can be imported into MS Word. I do not want a scanning imaging solution, for instance MS Word, Document Imaging. Too many scan errors can result, slowing things down, because of scanning errors that when converted to text, need to be corrected.

    Any software package that has been proven to work would be appreciated.

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  3. This is an online solution that looks to be pretty decent.
  4. rhody

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    Thanks, have you tried it ?

  5. Yeah, I converted a couple PDF to word format and everything, even graphics, converted nicely.
  6. It does have weaknesses with converting equations and slide format pdfs though.
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    If you aren't bothered about keeping the exact formatting, cut-and-paste should work. Right click in Adobe Reader and choose the "Select Tool", not the defailt hand tool that scrolls the document up and down. Then Ctrl-A Ctrl-C to select all and copy.
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