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How to transfer text file from PC to TI nspire CAS

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    How can i transfer a text document (word, pdf or text file) from PC to TI nspire CAS. I am lost and need help. I have install TI software on my PC.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
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    How do you rate your TI-NSPIRE? worth the money?>
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    I moved from a TI-89 to a TI-nSPIRE CAS and now a TI-nSPIRE CX CAS--I have no regrets moving to the nSPIRE(s), I can enter problems easier/faster and it's much, much, much easier to read the results!
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    I bought a TI-nspire CX, is it possible to install CAS? Or can I buy something in TI site to install that? Or i only can have CAS if i buy the calculator with cas?
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    You need to buy the CAS version to get the CAS functionality
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    is there anyway to search within a text document on the Ti Nspire?
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