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I Complex conjugation in scalar product?

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    Hey guys,
    I got the following derivation for some physical stuff (the derivation itself is just math)
    I understand everything until D.8.

    After D.7 they get the eigenvalue and eigenvectors from ε. The text says that my δx(t) gets aligned in the same direction as the the eigenvektor of the largest eigenvalue (this would be my explanation for the fact that there is no eigenvector in the scalar product, but this might be wrong, cause I do not know much about eigenvectors).
    But what I don't get is why in D.8. my δx(t) is suddenly complex conjugated. I can not find the reason for this.
    I would be really happy about any explanation.

    have a nice day

    PS: sorry for the weird titel. Had no clue how to describe my problem (mea culpa)
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