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Complex integral representation of Dirac delta function?

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    We all know that [tex]\frac{1}{2\pi}\int{e^{ik(x-x')}dk=\delta(x-x')[/tex].

    i am working a problem which appears to depend on the statement

    [tex]\int e^{z^*(z-w)}dz^*\propto\delta(z-w)[/tex]

    Does anyone know if this is valid?

    [tex]\delta(z-w)[/tex] is defined in the usual way so that


    This is a physics problem, though, so the domain of integration is not specified and not clear to me.
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    Hi, pellman

    I just saw your thread and remembered reading a similar article on the net. Here it is, I guess it may be helpful:

    http://homepages.physik.uni-muenchen.de/~Winitzki/no_distrib_limit.pdf [Broken]
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    That paper is a very good jumping off point. Thank you!
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