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Compressor aftercooler power load

  1. Sep 29, 2014 #1

    I want to use a compressor aftercooler and to size it I tried to calculate the heat load needed for lowering the outlet Tª to about 50ºC.

    I was checking the heat load of compressed air at 7bar 100L/min, the compressor manufacturer says outlet Tª should be about 150ºC. Input electrical power is 0,5kW.

    with some moisture it gives to me like about 30kg/h of mass rate and about 6000kJ/h rate of enthalpy change (from 540 kJ/kg of air at 7bar 150ºC+some water to 342Kj/kg of air at 7 bar at 50ºC)

    I think I did some step really wrong because it doesn´t make sense that compressor input power is 0,5kW (electrical) and heat load to "pull" from the aftercooler gives about 1.6kW (6000kJ/h * 1E3 J/kJ / 3600 s/h) ¿?

    Please help me understand what I did wrong.

    Tahnks and regards!
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  3. Oct 4, 2014 #2
    Thanks for the post! Sorry you aren't generating responses at the moment. Do you have any further information, come to any new conclusions or is it possible to reword the post?
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