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Computational complexity with an epsilon

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    What does that mean when there's an [itex] \epsilon[/itex] in the complexity, such as
    [itex] O(n^{2+\epsilon}) [/itex] for every [itex] \epsilon >0[/itex]
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    Welcome to PF, yavanna! :smile:

    I would tend to take it very literally.
    It says the complexity is greater than [itex]O(n^{2})[/itex].
    But it is less than for instance [itex]O(n^{2.1})[/itex].

    Note that a complexity of [itex]O(n^{3})[/itex] as well as [itex]O(n^{4})[/itex] implies a complexity of [itex]O(n^{3})[/itex].
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