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Computer 5V or 0V output to Sensaphone Express II

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    I'm using a LabView controlled alarm system in my lab where an alarm condition triggers a USB DAQ analog output signal to switch from +5V to 0V. This signal is going to a sensaphone express II alarm box normally open relay input. The normally open relay input sees 5V as an open (no alarm condition) and 0V as a short (alarm). My problem is the my USB DAQ only has 5 analog output and I would like to have more. I don't want to spend a lot of money. Any suggestions on an inexpensive USB DAQ or PCI DAQ with similar functionality but more channels? Or better yet a way to get a similar effect straight out of the computer? Maybe USB? RS232?
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    If you just want to control an external relay Phidgets has several USB boards you can use:


    I've used the Servo Controllers and RFID boards and they are remarkably easy to interface to from C# and VB. They have Labview support, but I haven't tried it.
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    That sounds perfect! Thanks!
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    If you need alot of outputs like the Express II but are looking for a rack mountable http://www.surewarning.com" [Broken] I'd check out Absolute Automation. They have the IMS-4000 which is expandable and rack mountable.
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