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AXIS P1355 Camera I/O + relay to turn on light/garage door

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    here is the manual http://www.axis.com/en/files/manuals/um_p1355_49956_en_1303.pdf [Broken]

    see page 61

    Notes: i have seen this thread https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/axis-camera-with-i-o-and-relay-to-turn-on-lights.538043/ but this camera is a bit different i think as it has digital inputs and outputs and different voltage

    i need to use this camera in a parking lot to turn on a green traffic light and at the same time open a garage door/barrier when camera recognizes the correct license plates (via embedded separate application installed in camera which will trigger the i/o) as output from the camera (i wont use inputs at all in this application only output alarm of the camera)

    Im trying to figure out which relay and diode should i use and how to connect them to the camera but i cant figure it out and documentation of the camera isnt helping at all, i searched ebay and i cant find a proper relay that will do the job or at least i think, any ideas ? The traffic light is 220v (x1 60w-100w normal light bulb that will turn on when barrier/garage door opens from the camera and off when it closes) I would prefer a relay with built in diode for simplicity if available

    My guess is pins 4 and 2 should be connected to 220v relay with 3.3v drive and the diode head arrow should point to pin 2 or pin 4 ? the plus goes to pin 2 from relay coil ?

    This is the first question the second question is when i connect the output to the garage door inputs (ssee attached pic) can i connect it directly from the camera or does it need a diode and relay again ? I think garage door has its own relay right ? so i should put diode again in parallel so it wont burn the camera out ?

    Third question can i connect both the traffic light and the garage door inputs to the same outputs of the camera directly or do i need some circuit in between that needs to be purchased separately?

    If there are any ready made solutions for this please let me know as i searched google without success

    (this guy is out of the question http://www.ibou.fr/cameras/cameras.html too expensive and not responsive to emails)

    thanks a lot for any help in advance

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    p.s. someone suggested i could do this easier (part 2 of the question) by using directly the remote control of the door and wiring the camera via the relay to the remote directly which works with a small 12v battery. In a few words glue the button of the remote permanently down and the camera via the relay will provide 12v momentarily via relay open to the remote which will act like a button was pushed and door will open.any thoughts ? cheers

    p.s.2 i got another remote which uses exacty 3.3 v battery like the camera alarm output's could in this case be wired directly from camera to remote without relays and diodes or it wont work ?

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