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Computer Science based physics research?

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    Does anyone know of any research being done to control gravity and weather systems through computer science and directed programmatic control leveraging energy?

    There's a rumor on the 'internets' (as Bush would call it) that the senate recently discussed openly that HAARP and weather manipulation is real. It sounds conspiratorial, but I do know China and the United States both had similar programs which were working with resonant frequency to control weather (rather than cloud seeding)

    But seeing as PI and the speed of light are often referred to as 'constants', I think it behooves science to not just test if we're within a simulation, but work with computer scientists assuming we are and testing out different methods of gravitational and holistic system manipulation through computer science.

    I am just curious - does anyone knows of any research and theorizing./testing being done to actually 'interact' with these variables and constants in the physical universe through energy and to attempt to alter them?

    Why? I would imagine the financial cost benefit and potential for commercialization of space would decrease the cost to almost nil for a space faring vessel when there stands a chance it could defy physics and gravity by having its gravity 'constant' altered to '0' from 9.8 m/s, thus causing leviitation - which would be amazingly cool.

    Anyone know of any such research?
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    Congratulations, you win this week's award for crackpot creativity. You may be the first person ever to combine 'we are living in a simulation' with 'easy space travel through new physics' to arrive at the idea 'let's go to space cheaply by hacking the simulation'.

    If we're living in the Matrix, why don't you just try to wake up and find out what the real world outside the simulation is like?

    This thread will be deleted soon. But maybe you could try vixra.freeforums.org
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    And everybody knows, you can't put something on the internets if it isn't true. That's the First Law of the World Wide Web.
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    Kudos for your scientifically minded and supportive responses! Enjoy!
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