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Computer science vs mechatronics engineering

  1. Dec 24, 2013 #1
    computer science vs mechatronics engineering , what to choose ?
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    Vanadium 50

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    Whichever one you want to do.
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    That's a pretty ambiguous question. You didn't provide any type of information about your background, ambitions...or...well...anything at all.

    The only possible answer would be "whichever one you'd prefer."
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    I'm a 1st year engineering student and I like them both but I want to know about each one's opportunities and salaries and future
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    Mechatronics sounds awesome
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    Well mechatronics will give you a nice blend of mechanical and electrical engineering and also some programming ( computer science) and control system theory. It's a nice interdisciplinary degree.
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    Well, what appeals to you more? I was considering engineering for a while but after speaking with some engineers, considering the cost of engineering schools, considering my age, and considering how much I like computers I decided to go for CS.

    I had a motors control class with a very professional looking (he dressed as though he was already working for a company) senior year mechatronics engineering student. Since his degree was all theory the company that hired him paid for him to learn some hands on things, such as plc programming, motor controls, etc.

    While I was very good at those things, and I love calculus, computers just interest me more. Hardware, hex conversions, programming, networking, cyber crime laws, encryption, number theory, linear algebra, and so forth all interest me to the point of obsession so the change in majors just made sense for me.

    As for salary, being talented with either degree will lead you towards a decent salary, it just depends on you. Go for what you enjoy, not just the higher salary. If you enjoy it you're more likely to do the extra studying that can push you ahead of everyone else.

    I'd post more but I studied 10 hours today and it's late, I welcome anyone to disagree with or correct me.
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  9. Dec 26, 2013 #8
    I'm interested in robotics and automated system also I love CS but I'm still a 1st year engineering student so I dont have much experience ,I am learning java programming and I see it interesting also I want a decent career so what to do to get a choice ?
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