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COMSOL electrostatics question

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    I am trying to use the electrostatics module in COMSOL ( I just started a few days ago). The other day, I was able to create a 2D box, apply a charge at one side (via boundary condition), and ground the other sides. I solved, and got a neat output, that I suspect is correct.

    Then, I tried to create a box, extrude it, and apply a boundary condition to one face, but, I was unable to. For the 2D box, I just double clicked, and BC dialog came up, is it possible to do this for a 3D shape? Applying a _static_ boundary condition to one face of the box is my immediate problem.

    In the long run, I hope to apply a positive static charge to one side, a positive static charge to the opposite face, and calculate the force between the faces.

    Thanks for your help,
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    make sure 3D is selected from your initial menu while opening comsol. Once in the 3D environment (with your box drawn) set the boundary conditions. I think this should work.
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