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Homework Help: Concave mirrors and reproduction of an actual object

  1. Dec 25, 2006 #1

    I'm having some problems understanding concave mirrors and their reproduction of actual object.


    Can you show me some proof as to why all rays of light from the object converge at the same point ( image point )?


    I'm having hard time understanding how person looking at real image of an object ( created by concave mirror ) will perceive this image?
    Will person have the feeling as if real image ( aka reproduction of an actual object ) is located in front of a concave mirror?

    *To explain myself further: plane mirrors create virtual images --> images which are formed in locations where light does not actually reach, even though it appears to an observer as though the light were coming from position somewhere behind the mirror. So an image of an object is actually
    " created on the surface of a mirror " --> mirror in a way acts as monitor screen.

    But with concave mirrors, it sounds to me as if image of an object is created away from the mirror, thus unlike with plane mirrors ( which have image of an object created on its surface, even if it appears to observer as if image is located behind the mirror ), concave mirrors don't have an image of object created on its surface?


    BTW-How does one perceive something as being closer or further away? Does it have to do with size of an object ( meaning if object appears bigger than it is closer ) or is there more to it?

    thank you
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