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Condensed Matter Physics, best undergrad major/classes for it?

  1. May 10, 2009 #1
    I've been researching CMP and it looks really interesting. I'm getting to the point of where I need to decide on my major. I'm a sophomore and have most core classes done. I understand that I won't be dealing with CMP until Grad School, but what kinda classes/major would help most in CMP as an undergrad? I plan on being a Physics major. Also, I want to be on the experimental side. Thanks for your help.
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    Well, QM is a must. But since it is considered to be a "core course," I guess you probably have already taken it or going to take it? And if there is an elective course called CMP, then it is pretty obvious that it is related to CMP. And I'll say Statistical Mechanic. Depend on the course, they would probably touch on Quantum Statistic, which is also quite essential to CMP.
    Oh, and look at your advance lab course. At least in my school, our advance lab includes some condense matter labs. So it might be very helpful. And at the end, just go and do research on it!
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    I would suggest taking solid state physics II, and physics of materials to get a better background for a graduate program dealing with CMP.
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    Dr Transport

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    A course in electronics would also be helpful, this will allow you to build/design your own apparatus for in your lab. A course in instrumentation from the engineeriing department might also be useful.
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