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Consent of the Governed : Now a Commodity

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    "Consent of the Governed": Now a Commodity

    “Consent of the Governed”: Now a Commodity

    Commodity—an article of commerce

    “According to an authoritative global study, Americans now watch television an average of 4 hours and 35 minutes every day”—An excerpt from Al Gore’s book “The Assault On Reason” contained in May 28 issue of TIME.

    We have traded our democratic inheritance for a few hours of vapid TV distraction.

    I am convinced that we have one avenue out of this terrible predicament into which we have fallen; we American adults must significantly improve our level of intellectual sophistication.

    This can easily be done in a most delightful way; we adults can take one hour a day that we now spend on a couch before a TV screen and utilize that time studying the books that will enlighten us as to who we are and why we do the things we do.

    Self-actualizing self-learning is a simple and powerful solution to a most dangerous and pressing situation. We have nothing to lose but our apathy and ignorance; and we have everything to gain, including our self-respect and the respect of generations to come.
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    Sounds good. I don't watch TV, and look at how super I am. :cool:

    Actually, I have learned lots from TV in the past. It depends on what you watch. Is there good government programming on? I think everyone should see the House-Senate messages bowing tradition at least once in their life, but CSPAN can be rather dull sometimes, even if you're terribly interested in that stuff to begin with. Plus, it seems to me that a lot of people don't really enjoy learning more than is necessary, some not even that much.

    Wow, 275/1440 is almost 1/5. And if you spend 8 hours sleeping and 10 hours on work/school and related things, that's 2/3 of your spare time. Yipes.
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    Reading is more educational than TV. Most people who watch TV don't use it for educational purposes, just as many who have the internet don't use it for educational or other useful purposes.

    I don't know whether its the way the thread is worded or whatever, but there aren't that many replies. I think most people don't like to assess their lives and remove time-wasting activities because they think that that is how they 'relax.' Perhaps they don't realise there is more to life than television. One of the things I really don't like about this TV-centered lifestyle is that it actually causes fights between people arguing over what to watch. I have done this, and sometimes still do, but I don't like it at all.

    I think if anyone gets rid of their TV, they will become more productive, and will find benefit from it. I know loads of people who have; I personally cannot because my family won't let me, and our family time often becomes TV time....
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