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Homework Help: Conservation of Energy Experiment

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    1. Our lab assignment is to conduct and experiment to show the the conservation of engergy equation is proven. Does anyone have any suggestions at some experiment ideas?

    2. One of our ideas was to roll a ball up a ramp and put motion detectors on the x and y axis and show the potential energy of the ball.
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    Is the ball on the ramp frictionless?
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    Um, how bout using a ball in an vacuum tube and dropping it onto a spring record the maximum displacement it produces on the spring, and record the height the ball was dropped from. Repeat the experiment only this time place the ball on the spring and displace the spring by the maximum displacement that you got for the first part, and see if the ball reaches the same height.

    Or maybe . ..
    l do this experiment with a magnetised ball on a non-magnetic string inside a copper wire pipe and recorded the induced current

    Hope this helps
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