Considering a short parabolic impulse as direct current?

  1. Is it possible to consider a short (20ns) impuls of only one polarity as a short segment of direct current in a simple circuit where the reflections are to be analyzed? If not, how should I treat this kind of voltage waves?

    The voltage is obviously not constant, but I wonder if it is possible to use ordinary formulas for reflections etc.

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    You can't discuss reflections in terms of DC. The essential point about a reflection is that there is a change, in time, in value of the signal - i.e. it's there because of non-DC components of the signal.
    You need to be thinking in terms of the Impulse Response of your circuit, which you can obtain either directly or by measuring the frequency response (including phase information) and then a Fourier Transform.
  4. Thank you very much! Very good answer. :)
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