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Constant Velocity : Does it means objects is at Rest

  1. Sep 20, 2015 #1
    I have been studying that velocity = displacement / time.

    Now what if displacement / time always gives me same value - does it means that object is at rest as displacement is same then the body has not moved at all.

    So in above graph velocity is constant - ie displacement wrt to time is same - so if displacement is same it would mean that object hasn't moved

    In other word constant velocity does it means displacement remains the same wrt time which then would mean that object is at rest
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    Doc Al

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    The displacement is not the same--the object is moving! What remains the same is the velocity, the rate at which the displacement changes.
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    Such confusion usually arises because of not adhering strictly to a definition, and using misleading language. You first stated, correctly, that velocity = displacement / time, and then went on to say, incorrectly, that it is displacement WRT time. I do not know what that means! Velocity is always displacement / time, so if the velocity is constant, that means displacement / time is constant. Then the displacement is constant velocity multiplied by time, so it is not constant. The displacement vs time graph in this case is a straight line with a slope equal to the velocity.
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