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Consultation with field for multiple criteria

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    I have a subform with the following fields: name of the step, the scheduled date, place and date rescheduled date. I'm having trouble making a statement in a query
    that has the following criteria: need to know what the step is smaller than today's date between the date scheduled and rescheduled date and the date performed without value.
    if there are any other dates scheduled and rescheduled less than today, I need to know only the name is the first step with the date due.
    I think I need to create a field in the query to the term, but I'm not getting. Any help is welcome. Thank you.
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    Which database / programming language / development environment / whatever are you using?
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    Thank you for responding, for help. I'm using access 2007. I'm trying to make an appointment to make a report
    by each assessor.
    I have a form where there is a comboBox with the names of advisors. After selecting a name, I'm trying to
    open a report with all the companies and products, and won every step of their product. the difficulty
    I'm finding is this: for example, may have one or more steps losers, I just need to know
    first step is unsuccessful, according to each product and their company's advisor.
    I need to have a field in the report (or query, then use the report), with the date of the step
    is unsuccessful, the date can be scheduled or rescheduled date. If the date field is populated place, the
    step is ok. Sorry for not having prepared better. I am sent images that may facilitate the understanding of
    my problem.
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/53793430/Desktop.zip [Broken]
    Again thank you very much.
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