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Converging/diverging lense/mirrors, object in different places, image?

  1. May 25, 2014 #1
    I have tried to search everywhere, but cannot find answer to this: does anyone know if there is a table etc. of what kind of images lenses and concave/convex mirrors produce with object in different places (real or virtual image, image magnification, upright/inverted), including virtual objects? It is easy to find sites showing what happens when object is in front of lense/mirror, but not virtual objects.

    For example, if its a converging lense, and object is < f, lense produces magnified upright virtual image.

    There is some kind of applet (http://www.phy.ntnu.edu.tw/ntnujava/index.php?topic=48.0) whuch might give the answer, but I cannot open it with my computer :/

    This could be done by pend and paper of course, but I have a big entrance exam day after tomorrow and I do not simply have time so I would just memorize these quickly :(

    Thank you so much for your help!
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    ... you can work these out for yourself using ray optics.
    So no - you won't find a comprehensive table for them.
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