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Conversions and transfers of energy

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    Say for example if I was to pick up a suitcase and put it in a storage container above my head would it involve the following conversions and transfers of energy?

    Chemical energy stored in my body is converted to kinetic energy in the movement of my hands and arms. I lift the suitcase and put it in the storage container above my head transferring kinetic energy from my hands and arms into stored gravitational potential energy in the suit case.

    This means the suit case has the potential to make things happen.

    Would I be correct in what I said?

    any help would be most welcome
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    broadly speaking, I think you have the right ideas.

    I'd prefer you used the term WORK to describe what your arms do...that's better than kinetic energy for what's happening.....[think about moving the suitcase very slowly, for example] and also note that some chemical energy is consumed by your legs....but likely not WORK [W = fd]

    and by "the potential to make things happen" you probably mean "stored gravitational potential energy" can be utilized to do work as the suitcase loses altitude....
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