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Convert equation from cartesian to spherical

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    This should be relitively simple:

    y = x ... convert to spherical coords:

    p*sin(r)*sin(t) = p*sin(r)*cos(t)

    which reduces to...

    sin(t) = cos(t)

    tan(t) = 1 (is this right?)
    t =~ 0.78... (Can i get a nice fraction for this?)

    Any help is appreciated.

    - glog
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    Looks good to me.


    you simply substitute and simplify.
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    in other words, "y= x" in spherical coordinates reduces to the set of points where t= [itex]\theta= \pi/4[/itex], r= [itex]\phi[/itex] and p= [itex]\rho[/itex] can be anything. Do you see that that is, in fact, the same as the plane y= x?
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    yep makes perfect sense....
    only one angle is fixed :)
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