Converting an electrical appliance with DC motor to AC watts

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    I'm comparing two electrical appliances, one with a DC motor and the other with an AC motor. The AC appliance has 250 watts. The DC appliance has 0.6 amps and 120 volts, and its wattage is 72. Given these specs, I would like to know which appliance would have a more powerful motor?

    In addition, what would be the AC watt equivalent of a DC motor with the above specs?
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  3. That cannot possibly be answered without knowing more about the appliance. For instance, my dishwasher has a much more powerful motor than my electric range, yet the range consumes much more power. For those of you who think the range has no motor, you are forgetting about the clock. :)
  4. The appliance is an electric hand mixer.
  5. Just to be clear, you're asking which of a 250W hand-blender or a 72W hand-blender is the more powerful?
  6. Yes, because the 72 watt one is a DC motor with the above specs and the 250 watt one is an AC motor. Although one obviously has a higher wattage, I'm asking if it makes a difference whether a motor is a DC or AC.
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    Watts is watts. It does not make a difference if they are AC or DC.

    Still.....a 120V DC kitchen appliance? Doubt it.
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    Your question is kinda odd.....
    Let's start with a question for you:

    How is AC converted to your blender for example.
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