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Converting series of impulses to a single impulse

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    I made a circuit to generate a periodic impulse signal ,i.e, one impulse generated and a zero for around 1us and then repeated again, but ended up with continuous impulses. Is there a circuit which could add zeros in between two impulses???

    Here one impulse could be viewed as a |sin(x)| function, with one period of around 10ns.

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    What do you mean by impulse?
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    As mention previously, you could view an impulse as a single |sin| wave with time period of around 10ns. If you desire some other name for it that's no problem, all I meant by an impulse was to have some voltage above zero for a very short duration of time (maybe square, sine or some random waveform).

    In my case I was able to generate such waveforms in a continuous manner,i.e., one immediately following the next, which was not desired. So, I wanted to add some zero time between the two for time period of few us( 1-5 us).

    I hope I was clear in my question.
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    How were you generating your impulses?
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