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Coriolis forse and cylindrical co-ordinates

  1. Jul 10, 2009 #1
    Pseudo forses arising in a frame are defined as the negative of mass times acceleration of the frame used. now in cylindrical coordinate system if we compute acceleration, we should be able to know completely the corilis and centripetel forses.
    However my problem is I don't understand how can we know coriolis forse by computing acceleration in cylindrical system since it (coriolis forse) involves velocity of the object, w.r.t. the rotating frame, and is independent of the frame whose acceleration we are computing using cylindrical co-ordinate system.
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    The acceleration of the frame is centripetal.
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    Hi mritunjay! :smile:

    Pseudo (fictional) forces are inertial forces, meaning that the acceleration due to an inertial force is independent of the mass.

    But it can depend on velocity.
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