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Cosmology books for high school students

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    Is there any book, on cosmology, or anything related (Not too deep) recommended for a high school students interest basis.

    Thank you.
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    PopSci or Textbook?
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    Ian Morison's "Introduction to Astronomy and Cosmology". High school mathematics and covers a wide range of topics.
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    365 Starry nights. Casual Astronomy book, but has lots of interesting information and diagrams.
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    A non mathematical introduction written as an intro for High School students is in the Greenwood Guides to the Universe, Cosmology and the Evolution of the Universe. The e-book version is better value.
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    A great popular book, perhaps somewhat outdated, is

    S. Weinberg, The first Three Minutes
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    Thanks, a lot for the help. I read 4 of them and they were very great. I found universe in a nutshell, also pretty great. :) I will read the first three minutes next week :)
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