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Could anyone please suggest a nice book for Engineering Mathematics

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    Could anyone please suggest a nice book for Engineering Mathematics for the first semester???
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    Re: Help!!!

    What discipline in engineering? Mechanical, Electrical, ...

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    Re: Help!!!

    They usually recommend / mandate one. If you can hold still for another week or two, you should be finding out shortly. If not, you could always try e-mailing the prof teaching the course and find out (though they usually have this available in the bookstore most places, organized by either prof or section). If it's just for your own self-interest, you could try Stewart (good explanations, IMO, and decent amount of examples).

    There's also Spivak, but that presumes you already know calculus, and takes you through the fundamentals of analysis and proofs (and sort of requires you to do everything to 'journey through' a development of basic calculus and mathematical axioms). I didn't enjoy that so much, but several of my friends / classmates (who were at least honours math majors, and now either Math graduate students, lawyers, or, in one case, a prof in mathematics) did.
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    Re: Help!!!

    Thanks........ I am in Mechanical Engineering.
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