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Could imagination be a universe

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    i was reading Einstein's dreams just now, and in it it states that light is the fastest thing, nothing can go faster. And so i thought about the expanding universe, a galaxy in particular; if there is an edge to the universe, this galaxy is there. So perhaps nothing is on the other side because light, and nothing else for that matter, has gotten there yet.

    However, i can imagine what is there. If i knew much about the universe, i could imagine it nearly perfect even. So how does one explain the fact that faster than the speed of light, from earth, i have seen the other side of the universe where nothing exists.
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    you can't "see" nothing.
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    correct, but i can think about why or if it is there before light can arrive.
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    You seem to be suggesting that, if you can imagine stuff on the other side of the universe, that means it's really there. Or am I misunderstadning?

    I am currently imagining a colossal purple dragon, in whose mouth the entire universe sits. Does that mean it's really there?
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    Youre imagining it arent you? Im not saying however many lightyears away there is a gargantuan dragon, but doesnt it show some type of advanced extrapolation on part of the mind to show that in your mind such a place exists?
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