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Could there be a connection between the cosmological background

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    microwave radiation and the shape of the universe? The hotter parts could indicate parts of the universe that are closer to Earth while the colder parts could indicate the opposite, which would mean the universe is not a perfect geometric shape, which would show no variation in the cosmic background radiation, but is rather a random fluid kind of shape where some parts are expanding outwards faster while other parts are expanding outwards slower, or perhaps different parts of the universe are moving around randomly all the time in all sorts of directions, with some parts moving away from Earth and some parts moving towards Earth, sort of like how water in a pool behaves.

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    The shape of the universe is not known but it's not likely to be a "perfect geometric shape" (but it COULD be). You will likely find it more informative in the long run to read some basic cosmology rather than throw out random questions.

    For example, the "hot/cold" areas of the CMB are well understood and do NOT represent what you suggest and you would know that if you had done some basic reading.
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    The cosmic microwave background is not the "border" of anything in terms of the shape of the universe. Some regions of the universe were slightly hotter than others, so they still appear hotter today.
    While it is true that the temperature and therefore the energy density variations have a small influence on the local shape, this has nothing to do with the open question about the global shape.

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