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News Coulter's for Prez, and I'm for Vice.

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    Look at the views counts on these videos. Coulter would win if she ran.
    Hope Will.i.am doesn't run.
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    She might win but then she would declare herself ineligible to hold the office (cause she's a girl) and abdicate to Rush. (Who else do you think she would choose as VP?)
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    Watch her facial expression within the 2 seconds after being asked "are you going to fall in line or move to Bolivia?" It's subtle...

    I think this is her backhanded way of getting in touch with her de facto politico-feminist side. "Better to vote for HC than JMcC" = "our time has come."

    She is definitely more articulate than G.W.Bush. :biggrin:

    How about Laura Ingraham? Would she win?
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    Don't forget viewcounts includes those that disagree or are ridiculing it.

    Why do people assume that the number of times a site is viewed is all people agreeing with the site rather than making fun of it?
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