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Couplings of new Higgs scalars and CP- invariance

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    Hi all,

    In A. Djouadi's review for Higgs, volume II, " arXiv:hep-ph/0503173v2 ", Sec. 1.2.3, it discuss the couplings of SUSY new scalars with gauge bosons, there are some points I don't understand:

    - CP–invariance forbids WWA, ZZA and W ZH ± couplings

    - For the couplings between two Higgs bosons and one gauge boson, CP–invariance im-
    plies that the two Higgs bosons must have opposite parity and, thus, there are no Zhh, ZHh,
    ZHH and ZAA coupling

    Also regarding the trilinear Higgs couplings, Eq. (1.100), there are no " A A A " , or " A hh ", why is that? While there are hhh, or h A A ..

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    Hay guys, any help ..
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