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Creating static charge at a distance.

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    Is there any way to create an isolated point charge without any contact with the matter which one wishes to charge? I recognize that this would mean stripping off electrons from the substance, so I suppose my question is: is there any way to strip off electrons without having to specifically contact the object which one wishes to charge?
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    Define 'contact'. You can do it with a pulse of sufficiently energetic EM radiation, a strong electric field, etc. So, it can be done without matter touching matter. However, there has to be some sort of direct causal influence: in the examples I mentioned, field interacting with the matter.
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    res3210, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Yes, an object can be charged without direct contact by the method called "Induction". You can Google that or just have a look here:

    “Charging by induction
    Induction charging is a method used to charge an object without actually touching the object to any other charged object.”
    See especially the section “Charging a Two-Sphere System Using a Negatively Charged Object” at: http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/estatics/U8l2b.cfm
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    Thanks for the information, guys.
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