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Cryogen-cooled x-ray tube anode

  1. Oct 7, 2009 #1
    As heat build-up is a major limiting factor in x-ray tube design, why can't the anode be kept at a low base-line temp to reduce heating and limit the potential for structural damage to the target?

    Does operating the x-ray tube at relatively low temperatures, say zero celsius, affect x-ray emission spectra?

    Is anyone out there cooling x-ray tubes with cryogens?
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    Couple of problems.

    1) Boiling off the coolant. One approach has been using liquid metal for cooling. It is used, but not to the temperatures you are talking about

    2) More of a problem is that if you cool it that much you actually stress the metal more with huge thermal gradients --> lots of cracking. Most higher protocols actually call for 'warming up' the track before running to help ease the thermal stresses.
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    Take a seat to hear you...... :smile:
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